Micro Image - Glass Coating
Glass Coating
What is Coating?
It is the Microimage technology which provides contamination prevention, water repellency and enhancement of hardness.
The Microimage technology provides uniform protection of thin film on the photomask where the pattern is formed to minimize the surface tension and to adjust the angle of contact of oil and moisture.

Glass coating
Purpose of Coating
- Contamination Prevention
- Improved cleaning (no washing equipment required, less chemicals, extended cleaning cycle)
- Prevention of SCRATCH (high hardness of 9.H)
- Cut costs and increase productivity
- Life cycle extension
Purpose of Coating

Coating Surface Hardness
Method When 1kg weight is used When 1kg weight is used
Pencil with Hardness 8H Normal G/M
Normal G/M
Coated G/M
Coated G/M
Analysis Toolmaker’s Microscope Toolmaker’s Microscope
RESULT Cr, Glass Damage observed Cr, Glass Damage NOT observed