Micro Image - Gray Scale
Gray Scale Mask
Gray Scale Mask
Gray Scale Mask is a mask used to form a desired 3D structure through a photosensitive material on a plate (glass) and used as a grand mother mold of an imprint process.

Gray Scale Mask Process
Gray Scale mask Process

Manufactured by forming structure by adjusting UV Intensity through direct Expose to photosensitive material

Gray Scale Mask Application
MEMS & Bio & Optic ( MLA, Fresnel, Micro fluidics )
Gray Scale mask Application

Gray Scale Mask Specification
▩ Data Size ( One Sell )
STL DESIGN RULES - element max size : 100x100μm
only binary STL files
BMP DESIGN RULES - element max size : 1000x1000 pixels
XYZ DESIGN RULES - Format is X,Y,Z with one point per line
- Unit : μm
- Points have to form a grid with equal spacing in X and Y
- Element max size : 1000x1000 points
- File may be saved with any extension
Z Height Need consultation

▩ Plate Size
Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Material
2.3 3 4.8 6.35 7.8 Soda Lime Quartz
126.6 * 126.6
152.0 * 152.0
177.4 * 177.4

※ Additional size can be produced after consultation.