Micro Image - Pellicle Mount
Micro Image
Pellicle Mount
What is a Pellicle
It is a thin film which protects the surface of the Photo Mask from contamination by particles in the air.
What is a Pellicle

Purpose of Using Pellicle
- It txtends the washing cycle of the Photo Mask
- Protects the Photo Mask from contamination
- Separates the Photo Mask from contaminants during repeated use.
- Extends the life of the Photo Mask
Purpose of UsingPellicle

Comparison of Pellicle
Category Cellulose Per-Fluorop olymer
Applicable Wavelength Range of Light Exposure G & I Line
Transmittance over 99 % at G&I Line
Life Time 200,000 Joule/cm at i-line light source 1,000,000 Joule/cm at i-line light source
Exposure Frequency based on Shut 200,000,000mj/cm ÷ 600mj/cm
= 333,333Shut
1,000,000,000mj/cm ÷ 600mj/cm
= 1,666,666Shut

※ No Problems in the pattern on the wafer even when coming into contact with particles on the FILM side of the Pellicle